1. After installing Dekaron online client file, run the game running icon on Desktop
Screen or “dekaron.exe” at the folder where Dekaron online is installed.
2. The game patch automatically runs. If a log-in window pops up, select a server group
and enter your ID and password registered at homepage for logging in.
3. After logging in, click [Character Create] on the character selection screen
4. At the character creation page, enter the character and name you want and click
[Create]. (You may create 6 characters per account.)
5. Select a location of a castle to start.
6. If it comes back at the character selection screen, you may see the character you
created. Click a character to start and select a server. Run the game by clicking
Game guide
- System Requirements - Creating Your Character - Game Interface
Lighting a fire on my faith, my sword, which was shining in the dark was sad
Cutting the source of evil and waking up fresh souls, Dekaron. That was my choice which can not be changed.
A guide for beginners
Skill Infomation
Dekaron Movie
Dekaron Movie