What is Dekaron MP3 system? It is a system supporting MP3 player for a player to listen to
music whatever he wants while enjoying the game. When Dekaron MP3 player works on
music playing, game sound is automatically eliminated for the selected music.
Then, let’s look at the Dekaron MP3 system.
To add music source, move mp3 files you want to the Dekaron Music folder.
Path: GameHi\Dekaron\Music
* Music source supports *.MP3 file only.
1. Now Playing List
2. Previous
3. Play
4. Stop
5. Next
6. Repeat One, Repeat All, Listen All
7. List window ON/OFF
8. Minimize
9. Close player
10. Adjust volume
11. Close list window
If check ‘MP3 player’ at the Dekaron game
option setting window, a player in the game
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